Doctor Who: Smith vs Tennant goes online

The Name Of The Doctor impressively didn’t leak online last week after its accidental (but rather small-scale) US release, and as promised the BBC has released a clip featuring Matt Smith and David Tennant talking all things Doctor Who.

Show runner Steven Moffat revealed in an article in The Guardian exactly how many copies accidentally made it out the door early last week, stating that

“…we’d have got away with it too, if we hadn’t accidentally sent Blu-ray copies of Name Of The Doctor to 210 Doctor Who fans in America. Security-wise, that’s not GOOD, is it? I mean, it’s not top-notch; it’s hard to defend as professional-level, hard-line secrecy.
My favourite fact is that they’re Blu-Rays. Listen, we don’t just leak any old rubbish, we leak in high-def – 1080p or nothing, that’s us. Every last pixel in beautifully rendered detail. It’s like getting caught extra naked.”

Still, those 210 fans kept the faith — and nobody personally spoiled it for me, which means I didn’t have to kill anybody. Which means…
Source: The Guardian, YouTube

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