Red Dwarf: The Man In The Rubber Mask eBook for $3.99? I'll take three!

Want something with a geeky obsession to read, but lacking in cash? How about Robert Llewellyn’s (yes, Robert “Kryten” Llewellyn) freshly updated story of how he came to be Kryten? The best part (if you can’t read the headline, that is): It’s only $3.99.
The only bit of bad news — if there is some — is that it’s the Kindle edition only. I can’t find it at all on iBooks, Kobo or any of the other competitors as yet. Still, there’s a Kindle client app for just about every smartphone, computer and tablet, so it’s a minor problem.
Otherwise, this is a win on just about every level. For a start, it’s an inexpensive eBook. Fair or not, lots of people grump at the idea of getting digital bits for the same price as a physical book. I reckon $3.99 hits that wonderful sweet spot of impulse buying, and for that, kudos is well deserved. As with all things Kindle, the pricing is in US dollars, so it’s actually slightly more than that on the current exchange rate. My copy ended up at $4.21, but I’m not going to quibble.
Also, it’s a great read. No prizes for guessing what I did over the weekend while trying to recover from a pesky cold. OK, much of it is in essence the same book Llewellyn released in 1994 detailing everything up to the aborted US pilot, but he’s updated it with a lot more content dealing with the long-mooted Red Dwarf movie, the Back To Earth mini-series and even Red Dwarf X.
Also, and I suspect I should warn you of this, he uses the term “tummy banana” quite a lot.
I’ve written a fair bit about Robert Llewellyn over the past year or so; firstly at Techlife when he was the unfortunate victim of a burglary, and then via an email interview for Lifehacker earlier in the year when he was in Australia. He’s not only a good comic actor, but also an engaging writer to boot.
Or, in other words, at $3.99… why are you still reading this?
Source: Twitter, Amazon
I’ll take three highlights geeky and tech bargains that you should snap up. If I reckon you should buy it — then you should buy it. ‘Nuff said.

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