Doctor Who Season finale to leak online in 3… 2… 1…

It seems sadly inevitable that the season finale of Doctor Who will leak online sometime this week, with the BBC’s official Doctor Who Twitter account confirming that US DVDs of the second half of season 7 have shipped early. If fans can keep patient (and hey, it is all about time), they’ve promised a little bonus, though.
The Name Of The Doctor isn’t set to air in the UK until Saturday 18th of May — it’ll air here on the ABC on Sunday 19th. Here, have a trailer (and watch closely around 14 seconds in for a moment that brought out my inner squee)

It appears some kind of shipping error has led to the US DVDs heading out to customers early, according to the official Doctor Who Twitter account

Some US DVDs of this series have gone out early. The #DoctorWho team would be hugely grateful if fans helped keep spoilers off the net.

They have offered an inducement

Steven Moffat has promised if fans help keep the finale’s secrets, we’ll release a special video featuring Matt & David right after the ep!

While that would be lovely, my inner cynic — the same one that despairs that the idea that a two hour gap between US airing of Game Of Thrones episodes and their Australian debut is somehow “unbearable” — suggests it’s not likely to happen.
So let me make this clear. If you spoil this for me, in any way, shape or form, I WILL hunt you down. And I’ll bring friends. Big, terrifying friends. Also, this chap.
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You want added inducement not to “get it early”? As Graham Cluley points out, fake torrents (and sites hosting them) would be an ideal avenue for malware.
Source: Twitter
Image: BBC
Image deliberately spoiler free. Remember; I hate that kind of thinking

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