Doctor Who: Aussie Online store opens to exterminate your wallet

BBC Worldwide continues its quest to conquer the wallets of Australian Doctor Who fans, opening a “dedicated” Australian online Doctor Who Store. The Wumpus suggests you shop around.
The Wumpus does get that Doctor Who fans can be, shall we say, a little obsessive when it comes to Doctor Who merchandise; that would certainly explain the success of the pop-up store that BBC Worldwide opened up in Newtown recently.
The online store brings much of the same merchandise to the online arena, meaning that Doctor Who fans not within Sydney’s inner-city can pay BBC Worldwide for Tardis-adorned tchotchkes of all types. The hook is “free” Australia wide shipping, cited at 2-3 days, or “TIME LORD EXPRESS” delivery, which runs from overnight to up to four days depending on how remote you are. Obviously delivery Tardises have difficulty making it to regional parts of Western Australia.
The Wumpus suggests that Doctor Who fans check around online carefully before purchasing, because it appears that BBC Worldwide figures the lure of the store alone will tempt Who-crazed punters.
The classic serial The Aztecs, for example, sells at the store for $29.99, but JB Hi-Fi sells exactly the same thing for $23.18. A Tardis playset will set you back $69.99, but Amazon UK has the same thing for £22.99, or roughly $37.50 in real money.
Source: BBC Doctor Who Store

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  1. Matthew JC. Powell

    Kudos to you, sir, for perhaps the first instance in the history of literature of the phrase “TARDIS-adorned tchotchkes”. Kudos.

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