Galaxy S4 Active Confirmed For Oz

The rougher, tougher version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 will make its way to Australian shores — but not quite yet.
Over at Good Gear Guide, Ross Catanzariti has checked in with Samsung, who have confirmed that the ruggedised variant of the Samsung Galaxy S4 will hit Australia later this year… although they’re not saying exactly when. Hit up Ross’ report for the full story.
Source: Good Gear Guide

1 thought on “Galaxy S4 Active Confirmed For Oz”

  1. The S3 has to be my most regretted purchase. It takes decent photos and it is a nice enough phone for a lot of things I do admit.. but it’s severely let down by poor battery life, bluetooth glitches (I’ve NEVER been able to use it in bluetooth handsfree mode for outgoing phone calls in the car and only twice in 2 years been able to receive a call in the same setup… yet my previous Nokia worked flawlessly and my wife’s iPhone 5 also works flawlessly) and general performance issues. I’m now at a point when it won’t even connect to my PC anymore. I have to use Wifi Samsung Kies connection to transfer files instead of direct USB transfers.
    I won’t be buying another Samsung phone.

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