Apple WWDC 13: Just the basics

Microsoft wasn’t the only one making big announcements overnight, with Apple showing off iOS 7, OS X Mavericks, new Macbook Airs and strangely rotund Mac Pros.
Again, I’m kinda flat out, but I do have something longer on Apple coming up soon. Stay tuned. If you just want the basics, though:
iOS 7: The design is flat, it’s got sliding motions for control panel (very Android), Multitasking is improved, notification center’s improved, Safari’s been overhauled, and there’s a bunch of under-the-hood performance improvements. iPad 2 or better, iPhone 4S or better or current generation iPod Touch only, but you can’t have it yet unless you’re a developer and like playing with buggy things.
iTunes Radio: Think Pandora meets Spotify with Siri integration, and you’re mostly there. US only at launch, which again isn’t today, but when it does launch it’ll be ad supported. If you want no ads, pay for iTunes Match.
Mac Pro: A bit of a surprise here, as desktop sales worldwide are plummeting and Apple hasn’t updated the Pro since before Mammoths roamed the earth*, but there’s new Xeon-based Mac Pros, with, presumably, Mac Pro price points… and a weird circular design. I don’t quite get the thinking behind that one, but then you can’t buy the new Pro yet anyway. Time may tell.
OS X Mavericks: Out with the big cats, in with the California references. Because Apple is very much made in the USA, which may mean signing up Hacksaw Jim Duggan as a spokesperson. Patriotism aside, Mavericks will bring Maps and iBooks across from iOS, improved Safari, tabs and tags for Finder, iCloud Keychain, better multi-monitor support… and you can’t have it today either. Developer preview only, with availability later this year.
Macbook Air: This is the one category you can have today, as Apple’s refreshed the Macbook Air line with fourth generation Core processors (“Haswell”, if you like that kind of thing). No big design changes, but Haswell should be much more power efficient, leading to even longer battery life on the new Air models, which are on sale today.

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