Xbox One in Australia: Just the basics

Overnight, Microsoft unveiled a whole host of new Xbox One games, as well as revealing when it’ll launch and how much it will cost — including how much we’ll pay for one in Australia.
The Xbox One has attracted a fair share of controversy, but you wouldn’t know that from this morning’s launch, which was all about the games. So many games. Including, for some reason, Killer Instinct. Was anybody hanging out for that one?
Ahem. Anyway, Microsoft’s announced availability in November with a local RRP of $599, and what’s more, it’s actually taking pre-orders itself with free shipping from its Australian online store. For those who like comparisons, the US list price is $499, but that doesn’t include sales tax; take into a account a dipping Aussie dollar and ten percent GST and that’s not a terrible margin.
Not that I’d rush to pre-order with Microsoft, mind you. Retailers are pretty much bound to offer some kind of ordering “bonus”, and while that may just be some terrible shovelware game or DLC UI skins or something, it beats just getting a standard pack for the same price.
I’m phenomenally flat out (otherwise this post would be longer), and amongst other things, I’m guest editing over at Kotaku Australia this week, where the Xbox One (and general E3) coverage flows thick and fast, so by all means, go and read there.
Source: Kotaku

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