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AI Jukebox: Fascinating, but not always great music

It’s all kinds of fascinating looking at what AI can do… although it can be rather tragic when you tell an AI to turn its hand to songwriting.

This one ain’t news, but it’s fascinating in any case. With a tip of the hat to BoingBoing, the OpenAI Jukebox is doing for music what deepfakes have done for video production.

No, not create lots of really quite icky porn. Get your mind out of the gutter.

See how well and how far you can train an AI, but instead of trying to see what happens when you train an AI on song lyrics and then feed it artist samples. Hence, the AI Jukebox.

Like so much AI work, this involves feeding a system a lot of information and getting it to iterate on those results to build a more pleasing-to-humans result.

Some of the AI Jukebox results are… unusual.

The lyrics are all kinds of nuts, but this might be Elvis on the AI Jukebox:

My Beatles-loving friends won’t like it much, but this is what the AI Jukebox makes of the fab four. I guess this could be the b-side of Revolution No 9?

Naturally, because this is the Internet, the AI Jukebox also has this:

There’s a whole library of rather… interesting… samples to listen to over at the OpenAI jukebox, including some fascinating Prince samples that I would embed here if I could only work out how…

Also, if you’re in the mood for some interesting deepfake work, check out this deepfake Luke Skywalker. Fascinating stuff:

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