But Daddy… you do have a big mouth…

Ah, out of the mouths of babes, and all that.
And speaking of big mouths, could my extensive readership (you know who you are) do me a small favour and post a comment on this post? You can say whatever you want (even Hello would be nice); I just want to test the new-fangled anti-spam-commenty-thingy I’ve just installed.  After a while, constantly moderating the viagra/porn/healthcare/Russian-brides spam becomes tiring, and my old system obviously had some kind of random flaw in it, as a few more comments were getting through each and every week. Not that you saw them — but I did.

15 thoughts on “But Daddy… you do have a big mouth…”

  1. Now you’re just talking to yourself. Or you were, until I opened up my big yap. Perhaps my daughter was right — I do have a big mouth.
    Question: Are you being asked to do the whole “enter this string of letters” thing each time, or not?

  2. Well, mine started with “qn7z” which, as we all know, is a mortal insult to those more attuned to the universal zappa wave energy flux. The Mighty Xxrnu commands me to blergle you in the snornsnacks with my flibbergun. You will be hearing from my lawyers.

  3. Ha! I freely insult those whose teams have never had the perfect season. As they say in the classics… “There can be only one”

  4. And mine was a fairly lurid shade of purple on a white background… No interesting sequences of letters/numbers, however. (As an aside, we’ve finally bought a new computer recently and are currently researching broadband plans, so we’ll hopefully be online much more frequently soon…which is the long way of saying I’llcq again soon. *grin*)

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