Gentlemen.. Let's broaden our minds… Lawrence?

I must be slipping. There’s published works of mine, online now for your perusal, and I hadn’t noted them. Geez… is this what senility is like? has the following:
PocketSurfer 2: “Want free Web surfing on an easy to use and speedy device? Then the PocketSurfer 2 is exactly not what you’re looking for.”
Sim2 Domino D10: “To give it some perspective, for the price of one C3X 1080, you could buy no less than eleven D10 projectors…”
Meanwhile, the fine and furry folks at Australian Macworld (they know who they are) have published a bunch of my older opinion columns online. Sure, you shoud have already gone out and bought all the back issues, but presuming you hadn’t (if, say, there was a family emergency, or some kind of zombie apocalypse that got in between you and the newsagent for months), then I guess I can forgive you. As a peace offering, the following columns can be enjoyed online.
47 Things to do with a non-recyclable iMac
47 future iterations of Mac OS
Computing Staples
Cat vs MacBook: fight!
What If Apple made the world’s best games PC?

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