First thing you know I'll be back in Bow River again…

(although not the one in Calgary. That one was frozen solid)

See? That’s Bow River behind me… about 30cm behind my left foot, in fact.
While I was pondering walking on water (in the non-miracle, fall-through-and-freeze-yourself-to-death-way) the Australian presses were running hot with my valuable and prized words.
First up, the February 2008 issue of Australian Macworld Magazine. This month’s back page editorial covers the vexing issue of what happens when technology companies lie to you, which words you should be adding to your vocabulary, and strangely enough for a man who doesn’t actually like cars that much, a lengthy discussion of the BBC’s Top Gear.
Confused? You’ll just have to rush out and buy a copy now, won’t you?

Next, the February 2008 issue of Australian Netguide magazine. As is often the case, it’s struck with a heavy dose of Kidman verbage from both myself and the venerable clone. My contributions include reviews of Google Maps For Mobile 2.0, Plantronics .Audio 480 Virtual Phone Booth, Family Tree Maker Platinum 17th Edition, Orbit-M 360, Mio C320, Acronis TrueImage 11 Home, Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock, Assassin’s Creed and Chessmaster: The Art Of Learning. As an aside, the guy in Chessmaster still gives me the creeps. He may be a chess grandmaster, and he’s probably very nice to passing stray animals and his mother, but the still shot of him that stares at you throughout the entire game makes him look like a cold blooded killer.

And finally, the February issue of PC User Magazine. Within its pages you’ll find my reviews of the Samsung ML-1630 Laser Printer and the Netgear Powerline HDX101 Ethernet Power Adaptor. Those aren’t the ones that have been recently recalled, thankfully, so the review is still entirely valid.

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