You've got me so confused, and there's words I could use…

I’m doing an Alison-Moyet-Listening day today, as you might be able to tell. But hey, on the on the subject of words, I have plenty published today. First of all, at
Mobile Firefox coming to Nokia: “Ambitious plans will see Firefox mobile ported to Symbian Smartphones, possibly by as early as April next year.”
Internode offers ADSL2+ across “entire Telstra ADSL footprint” “Internode now has the same ADSL2+ coverage as Telstra, but will “stop customers hurting themselves” by signing on to a Telstra-based service if there is any other option.”
Now, if you’re more of the listening type, there’s also my final podcast contribution to Australian Macworld, in which I pontificate on ISP trials, iPod Touch Battery life and gaming, and the world’s biggest Mac fan. Surprisingly, it isn’t Steve Jobs.
Episode 45 — The downfall of Capitalist Democracy “MJCP, Danny Gorog, Tony Williams and Alex Kidman discuss broadband plans, internet filtering, legal action against ISPs, HandBrake 0.9.3, Bloom for iPhone, and why capitalism and democracy don’t work.

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