And everything I had to know, I heard it on my radio…

More news, reviews and not-terribly idle speculation today. It’s enough to send one GaGa…
First up, at PC Authority:
Macworld 2009 rumour mill: Windkintosh? “Unofficial “official” WiFi drivers brings the Mac Netbook ever closer — albeit in a shady legal fashion.”
And then a pair of reviews at coming out of the recent Adelaide road trip:
Mio Moov 370: “We took the Moov 370 out for a short spin. Just from Sydney to Adelaide and back – a Sunday drive with a bit of attitude, if you like.”
Navman S300T: “We were impressed by the speed of its initial lock-on, satisfied with the directions it gave and the general interface choices – except one. Unfortunately for the 300T, it’s a big one. “

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