You just can't shut the lad up…

It used to be simple being a journalist. All you needed were words, and some method of getting them into print — typewriters, PCs, your own blood, whatever took your fancy.
But in this new-fangled Internet world, people don’t just want to read your opinions — they want to hear you opining them in real time. This requires a clear speaking voice, and plenty of opinions. Luckily for me, I have both. Well, except for the head cold. But still, that’s just about a perfect segue into me pointing out that I’m back in Podcast form, this time for the Australian Macworld Weekend Edition Podcast:
Episode 26 iPhones and Leopards and Jobs, oh my! “MJCP talks to Danny Gorog and Alex Kidman about — not surprisingly —the iPhone, Mac OS X Snow Leopard, whether the iPhone will make a good gaming platform and whether or not Steve Jobs is a polygamist. The usual stuff.”

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