Ranting time. Or is it catharsis time?

Attention, city-based four wheel drive owners:
Just because you bought a large, inflexible, much more likely to not only kill others but also yourself, planet-killing tank-like behemoth of a vehicle with poor visibility, high likelihood of tipping over and a predicted low resale value thanks to the rising cost of petrol*, this doesn’t give you the right to ignore the conventions of the road by not looking when turning out of a street park right into my car.
It also doesn’t make it a good idea to then swear at me in front of a schoolyard full of children — great job you’re doing teaching appropriate responses to your own offspring, by the way — given that it was only my swift braking that alerted you to the accident you were about to cause, as in any other case you would have sent me spiraling into oncoming traffic and many of the aforementioned school children. Some of us do know how to drive…
Rant over. Back to what you were doing now.
* Frankly, at the moment, I feel you deserve it**. If you do use your 4WD for industrial and/or off-road purposes, carry on.
** And yeah, I do figure that I’m not likely to be writing for any car magazines any time soon. And I know at least one of my existing editors who’s likely to disagree with me. But that’s OK — as they say, that’s why we have chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Because YOU’RE WRONG.

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