Wings Of Liberty. Notebooks Of Unusual Size.

Another busy day on the horizon. While I work out today’s schedule, keep yourself busy with (what else?) yet more reviews.
First up, at MacTheMag, a review of a rather heavily hyped RTS title. If you’re a gamer, you’re quite possibly already playing this one.
MacTheReviews: StarCraft II: Wings Of Liberty*: “Who said the Mac has no great games? StarCraft II: Wings Of Liberty is engaging high speed strategy with addiction at its very core.”
Then over at CNET, a couple of laptop reviews, including one that could run StarCraft II rather well, although lifting it is another matter entirely.
Acer Aspire 8943G: “There’s a lot to the Aspire 8943G; a lot to pay and a lot to like.”
Fujitsu P770 LifeBook: “Fujitsu’s tiny Core i7 system is all business. Don’t expect flashy graphics performance or shiny case designs, but as a spreadsheet-crunching machine with good portability it’s highly suitable.”
*Am I the only one that thinks that “Wings Of Liberty” sounds like the marketing slogan for a line of feminine hygiene products?

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