I have the power! (but not the money)

Monday kicks off with another opinion column/blog and another review.
First up, my regular Geekspeak column casts an eye over what it is we’ve been spending our tech dollars on in the past quarter:
Geekspeak: What are you spending your tech dollars on? “The theory goes that we’re not going out to restaurants or clubs anywhere near as much, but instead concentrating our limited budgets on bigger TVs, more internet connected devices and items that might hold a little more value than a bowl of pasta or glass of beer.”
Then at MacTheReviews, the latest in a long line of promising-the-world Homeplug devices gets plugged in:
Belkin Powerline HD Dual Pack: “Cheaper than tearing up the floorboards to put in dedicated wiring and more reliable than wireless. The only thing not to like about the Powerline HD product is the size of the plugs and the price.”

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