Whose idea was Vanilla flavoured Quik?

While I pondered that particular mystery at my local supermarket, I noticed an employee putting magazines out on shelves.

Specifically, the January issue of Netguide Magazine, which has lots of my articles in it. Amongst its beautifully-bound pages, you’ll find my writeup of the best gadgets you can get under $50, along with reviews of the Panasonic VS2 mobile phone, NetComm V300 VOIP router, Palm Z22 PDA, SmartyBlog, Flock Browser, iTunes Music Store Australia, Symantec Ghost 10, Dragon Naturally Speaking 8.1, LingvoSoft Suite 2006, FEAR, Quake IV, Far Cry Instincts and Gun.
I didn’t get a chance to browse the issue while I was there (shopping with two young children can be challenging enough at the best of times, let alone with the added complications of shopping at this time of year), but there may also be retro and current games buying guides of mine in there as well. If not, next month. Anyway, you know the drill — go out, buy several copies, eat them, and then re-stock. Netguide Magazine has 100% of your daily paper and CD nutritional needs in one handy, difficult to ingest package! *
On the Web front, CNET.com.au has three new reviews of mine up:
Sony MV700HR in-car DVD player: The MV700HR is a good option for anyone wanting a permanently installed in-car DVD player.

Dell 5100MP Projector: The 5100MP is a fine business projector, but it’s less well suited for home cinemaphiles.

Sony DRX810UL Dual Layer DVD Writer: The DRX810UL is a bulky and mostly reliable external DVD burner with the same irritating software flaws as its predecessors.

* Not strictly true. Presumably your daily needs for paper and optical media are in fact 0%, so in that sense, it’s oversupplying. That’s got to be tres bon, non?

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