I've been busy…

With this, that, and the other. I have work that’s been published that I could be linking here.
Ah, to heck with that. A picture, so they say, is worth a thousand words — which perhaps means I should be doing all my per-word-rate writing in pictographs — and so…
Guess who?
First one to work out what this is wins some babysitting, sometime next July…
Second one to work out what this is ALSO wins some babysitting, sometime next July…
And so on, and so forth…






5 responses to “I've been busy…”

  1. rah Avatar

    holy freaking crap!
    you guys know how babies are made, right?

  2. Alex Avatar

    You win the babysitting role!
    But for the record, yes, I do think I know how babies are made. A very enjoyable process, on the whole…
    (Why are you never online on MSN on the weekends, so I can scare you properly?)

  3. Christian Avatar

    Hey, congrats! You’re catching up to us now!

  4. Di Avatar

    Now where did it say this was a race?

  5. Christian Avatar

    I think it’s written in the fine print somewhere.

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