Who gonna stop 200 balloons?

I’m somewhat out of my environment at the moment — but that would have something to do with being in Queensland at a convention, rather than at home changing nappies and breaking technology — sometimes at the same time.
There may have been drinking. There may have been the inadvertent winning of prizes. There may even be incriminating photos. That’s when you really appreciate being behind the camera — you’ve got all the blackmail material, but you’re in none of the photos. What I don’t appreciate right now is a killer sinus headache that’s splitting me in two; people keep assuming I’ve got a hangover, but it’s just blocked tubes. Yuch.
Naturally, none of this has stopped more reviews from popping up.
Panasonic SC-PM71 SD Micro System: Look! It’s a Micro HiFi System! It’s a portable MP3 player! It’s not up in the sky, and it’s not without its minor quibbles, but if you need a micro system and an MP3 player with only moderate storage capabilities, it’s a good option to pursue.
(I haven’t used that Superman line in a review for a good long while. Heck, I even quote semi-obscure Blues Brothers numbers in this review — truly, it’s got a little bit of something for everybody)

1 thought on “Who gonna stop 200 balloons?”

  1. cheers from WHS
    have you any jokes for me and my colleagues/
    How are your sinuses?
    I spoke to Di yesterday and hope to come visiting on Mar 17

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