Won't you cast your precious emptiness on him?

Hey, look — an online journal! That hasn’t been touched for a while!
Not that original an idea, really.
My excuse this week is a combination of noisy builders, sick children and the age-old fallback position of “not getting enough sleep”. Still, that hasn’t stopped another couple of reviews squeaking out. CNET.com.au has these:
ComPro VideoMate U3 DVB-T Stick: “When we first pulled the Compro VideoMate U3 DVB-T Stick out of its packaging, the first thought that struck us was that it was an extremely fossilised Kit Kat that somebody had painted black…”
Linksys CIT200 Skype Phone: Linksys’ CIT200 Skype Phone does a good job of bringing the Skype experience to the cordless handset world.

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