To make us pay for what we get when we lay out on the beach…

Amazingly, that’s only the second-worst lyric to come out of Daryl Hall’s brain that I can think of. Although it’s attached to a much worse tune than the first choice.
Ripping Vinyl remains weird, and it’s doing truly strange things to my subject lines. If I’d written this up half an hour ago, the subject line would have been “And I said to him dicky-bird, why do you sit?”
Anyway, on with the self-plugging. After all, if I don’t promote me, nobody else will*. And it’s a trio of family-friendly games reviews for, with one interesting hook. Namely, that I’m related to one of the characters in one of the games — albeit a bit distantly, and via marriage rather than blood. Still, that makes me famous by proxy, doesn’t it? In any case, a special, old-school-Marvel-style No-Prize for the first person** to work out who it is, and what the connection is.
Boogie Superstar:The upside for that is that your tweenager probably won’t pull the Wii crashing to the ground while in the middle of a dance routine…”
Monopoly: “We’re going to assume here (and it’s probably not a huge leap of faith) that you’re familiar with Monopoly. Buy properties, collect rent, watch Uncle Angus steal all the money from the bank and try to stop the Family Dog from eating the Battleship while the rain pours down outside on the family holiday.”
Celebrity Sports Showdown: “They’re presented in caricature format, and honestly don’t make that much difference to the game, beyond the mild thrill you get when first pummelling Lavigne’s face in with a jousting stick. Or shooting her with missiles. Or smacking her in the face with a dodge ball…. sorry, where were we?”
* Note to PR firms picking up on that comment: I am not currently seeking PR representation. Sorry. Also, why haven’t you sponsored me for Movember yet, eh?
** Excluding my wife…

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