Time we all reach out for somethin' new…

Quick… try to guess what the most popular search term on this blog is so far this month…
I bet you were wrong. Because I’m willing to guess that you didn’t in fact choose:
“dannii minogue physical features”
Now, the trickier bit. Try to work out why. I don’t think I’ve ever made a single Minogue-related post, although my brother is sometimes mistaken for her. Maybe that’s it.
Anyway (wow — my segues this week suck), CNET.com.au has a number of my reviews up — some new today, and a few that went up this week.
Seagate FreeAgent Pro External 750GB Hard Drive: “Without its power pack plugged in, we pondered the Seagate FreeAgent Pro’s design for some time, before coming to the conclusion that it’s a small scale replica of the monolith from 2001…”

Wacom Bamboo:
“The official site for the Bamboo claims that it’s ‘reinventing the pen for the 21st century’…”

Vodafone 1210:
“Want a Blackberry but can’t stretch the business budget to afford one? Vodafone’s 1210 might suit your needs, but you’ll need to put up with a lot of compromises along the way…”

Samsung Syncmaster 305T: We’re not too sure it’s a good idea to take taglines from Viagra spam vendors…”

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