The wonderful wizard of Um

I came up a theory this morning about my continued use of “Um” as an interjection to allow my brain to catch up when I’m talking. It’s been suggested to me that talking too fast is something of a Kidman trait, and that’s probably true, but as I get older, my brain’s getting slower, which means I need more pauses to catch up. Hence “Um”.
Anyway, for whatever reason, this morning I decided that Um has became a fully fledged nation intent on invading my speech patterns, which led to this rather extraordinary utterance mid-sentence:
“Well, I’m not sure that she, um, should.. um.. Damn! The Um people are invading my speech patterns again! They must be um.. stopped.. Now they’re invading my Um thoughts! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!”
This did have the effect of reducing my beautiful wife to giggles (and she’s very cute when she smiles) but now I find myself looking out for Ums whenever I talk. Today at least I’m working by myself so speech should be at a minimum. Still, if you want further Um-proof, you can check out the freshly minted MacThePodcast — Episode 10, live now on iTunes. You can click here to subscribe, or if that doesn’t suit you, it should hopefully be live soon on the MacThePodcast page:
MacThePodcast: Episode 10: Intel: “MJCP and Alex Kidman talk with Philip Cronin, General Manager Australia/New Zealand for Intel. Intel has gone from being the enemy of all Mac users to the heart of our computers. We discuss how that transformation has taken place and what clues it gives for the future”
And clearly, I go “Um” a bit. See if you can count how many times.

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