Why I should never challenge my wife to anything…

Largely because she’s awesome.

Last Saturday, she finished off a hand-knitted Dalek, which was pretty awesome all of itself. For those that care, our youngest now insists on taking it to bed with him. I’m sure he’ll grow up to be a fine, well adjusted young man. Or ruler of the universe. Either one is fine by me.

In cheeky fashion, I quipped at her that “Daleks are dead easy. Bet you can’t do Davros!”

So what did she do? Answers after the jump…


Davros. In one week. Basically from memory (although she’s a huge Dr Who geek, so there’s a lot of memory there). Complete with single arm that can reach down to a control panel button for releasing deadly viruses, calling for pizzas and so on…


It doesn’t come up wonderfully well in these photos, but he’s surprisingly detailed, with shrunken eyes, silver wiring/headset and of course his blue gem. He’s even slightly tilted to the side if you put him on a flat surface, which is entirely accurate. I mean, if there’s one word you could use to describe Davros, it’d be unbalanced.

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