The time has come to answer that question that has baffled mankind through the ages, namely, "Can the Frog tapdance?"

The answer is… well, if you’re reading this, the odds are rather good that you already know. Special no-prize to the first commenter who I’m not related to to answer in the comments…
You probably also know that I write things. Reviews, features, news.. I write lots of things. And I’m about to spruik a few of my latest efforts, as is rapidly becoming traditional on this blog. First up, at
AOC Verfino V22 LCD Monitor: “AOC’s tasteful Verfino LCD monitor suits both the working desk and more style-conscious locations.”pcamagjune09
And in the print world, the June issue of PC Authority Magazine landed in my letterbox just now, which means it should be on sale shortly too. My contributions this month include reviews of Stormrise and Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. for PC, as well as games and Mac news, and a column about cleaning up a cluttered Macbook, with a somewhat strange reference to the habits of Gibbons in Zoos thrown in for good measure.
And yes, I know I’d promised a number of people more personal blog updates in the future, but, well, I’ve been busy. Working, obviously, but I can also blame the game below (and its criminally under-appreciated Xbox 360 sequel)

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Alex Kidman is a multi-award winning Australian technology writer, former editor at Gizmodo, CNET, GameSpot, ZDNet, PC Mag, APC, Finder and as a contributor to the ABC, SMH, AFR, Courier Mail, GadgetGuy, PC & Tech Authority, Atomic and many more. He's been writing professionally since 1998, and his passions include technology, social issues, education, retro gaming and professional wrestling.


  1. Is the correct answer “no, he keeps falling into the sink, getting stuck in the insinkorator, thus needing little crutches for the rest of his life”?

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