Woah Woah Woah.. Woah Woah Woooahh…

Ah, what a fine lyric that is. Special kudos to you if you can pick which song I’ve plucked it from.
Songs are, naturally enough, vocal efforts, and I’m once again in fine vocal form for the fifth edition of MacThePodcast. You can subscribe to it via iTunes — it’s definitely up there now — and should be available from the MacThePodcast page later today.
MacThePodcast Episode 5: Software-Only: MJCP and Alex Kidman chat with Andrew Paton of Software-only. Andrew has a long history in the Australian Mac channel and has now struck out on his own. We talk about where he’s been, what he’s doing and where he’s going. In more general terms we also discuss the challenges presently facing small business operators. There’s also some idle speculation about what Apple may or may not do in the way of new form factors and price points.”
Meanwhile, in the news world, APCMag.com carried my writeup of TiVo Australia’s launch of its VOD service:
TiVo launches movies-on-demand service: “But first they’ll demand some of your cold, hard cash upfront.”

2 thoughts on “Woah Woah Woah.. Woah Woah Woooahh…”

  1. Bzzzt!
    But thanks for playing. You get a copy of our home game, and this delightful cubic zirconia necklace with the show logo on it!*
    *Shipping cost: $9,999.

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