The joys of freelancing, part one: Be your own boss! (but not)

One of the benefits of freelancing, so they say, is that you become your own boss. Nobody peeking over your shoulder, and endless days of getting up late, working in pyjamas and being hand-fed peeled grapes by dusky island maidens.
The reality, naturally enough, is slightly different. Grapes go substantially up in price. The dusky island maidens complain that it’s been rather cold of late. You have to twist your neck into impossible positions in order to peek over your own shoulder. You get up even earlier, because although the commute is awesome, the pressure to produce work can actually be  a lot higher, what with the lack of holidays, sick pay and the simple fact that you’ve swapped one boss for many, many bosses.
I’ve been busy today keeping my many, many bosses happy with plenty of content.
First up, at CNET, a Tablet PC review:
HP TouchSmart tm2: “As an upgrade option for existing tablet users, the tm2 shines. As an entirely new proposition, however, we’re not quite as convinced.”
Then at PC Authority, this week’s handheld Vintage tech column:
Vintage Tech: Looking back at the Palm Pilot: “Palm Pilot PDAs pretty much defined the PDA and set the scene for the smartphones we use today.”
Then at Geekspeak, musings on the joys of networking. There aren’t many.
Geekspeak: Can Networking be made easy? “Most routers can be utter torture just to get up and running.”
And finally at MacTheBlog, a musings on the state of iPad eBooks. iebooks? No, that’d be Microsoft, surely?
MacTheBlog: A Little Light Reading: “Apparently — if Apple is to be believed — “Reading is a joy on iPad”.
I’d love to say after all that lot that I’m taking time off tomorrow to feel old and worn out. Those who know why, know why. But I’m not, what with having all these bosses to keep happy all at once. Back to the treadmill I go!

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