It's all about the accessories…

Isn’t that standard fashion advice? I technically shouldn’t know, having the apparent fashion sense of a three weak dead weasel.
Unless decaying weasel corpses are “in” right now. It’s so hard to tell, really. While I ponder whether I should invest in a new wardrobe* you could check out my rather exhaustive (and exhausting) roundup of 18 different iPad accessories at
Best iPad Accessories:So, you’ve just dropped north of 600 bucks on a shiny new iPad. You’ve taken it out of its case and admired just how shiny it is. Keeping it shiny isn’t going to be an easy matter, and there’s no end of vendors offering up all kinds of accessories to improve your iPad experience. How good are they? We grabbed as many as we could and put them through iPad boot camp to separate the loser products from the heroes.”
*Never! Muppet T-Shirts always were, and always will be, cool. Although I could probably use some new ones…

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