The BBC would like to point out that not all barn owls are called Mr Peters…

Now with even more Alex. Just like it should be.While a lot of my writing has, of late, been dominated by the online world, I do still scribe out words that end up on bits of flattened trees. Such is the case with the June 2008 issue of PC User Magazine, which is so rich with Alex-penned goodness, they’d only need an Alex centrefold for it to be complete.*
Within its pages, you’ll find reviews of Registry Mechanic 7, Blaze HD TV, Synology DS-207+ NAS, Linksys DMA2200 and Jamo i300 iPod Speaker dock.
Speaking of iPod Speaker docks as we were, while you’re down at the newsagency buying PC User, you should also pick up the current issue of Home Entertainment Magazine — within its pages you’ll find a comparative review of iPod speaker docks, written by yours truly. No cover scan, sadly, as I’ve yet to get a contributor copy, but it’s definitely on sale now. And as a curious factoid, that speaker dock story was the final straw that broke my resistance to buying an actual iPod, as I figured Apple were probably sick of me hassling them for review units.
Oh. Wait. Did I say that my writing had been dominated by online media sources? Why yes, I did, and yes, it has been, as also evidenced by this news story, live right now at PC Authority:
Optus jumps on the iPhone Bandwagon: “Did anyone expect Vodafone to actually carry an exclusive? If so, you lost. Telstra, it’s over to you…”
*No way. Never going to happen. You hear me? I may write for money, but the clothes stay ON. I tend to think that this is something we can all agree on.

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