But why do you want to be Loretta, Stan?

Yet more pimping of my online writings, which today come from multiple sources. First, at APCMag.com, we have:
Shock revelations on “green” IT: “PR people for Jobs, Ballmer, Trujilo, Otellini, Schmidt and Dell break ranks to tell us the truth about what these companies really think about “green IT””
Then we head to CNET.com.au, for the following pair of reviews:
Lexar Professional UDMA CompactFlash Dual-Slot Reader: “Most users won’t need Lexar’s Professional UDMA reader, but if you’re already deep in the high-capacity, high storage flash market, it’s a great buy.”
Homecast HT8000 PVR: “The Homecast HT8000 PVR brings a budget approach to the twin tuner HD market — and that budget approach has both its good and bad sides.”
But wait! There’s more! PC Authority has this:
Head to head: Blackberry Bold vs iPhone: “We put the two smartphones head to head on specs, but which one is actually the smarter choice?”
Can I go back to bed now, please?

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