The answers, my friend, are in the back of the book…

(as sung to the tune of “Blowin’ In The Wind”)
Ah, when I was but a spritely* seventeen year old, that was the height of comedy. And a big hello to any members of 3UM who might be reading this. Which, as the odds would have it, would probably be none of you. And the rest of my reading audience are busy scratching their heads, wondering what it is that I’m blabbering on about. I’d better distract you with yet more writing work, I guess.
First up, at GadgetGuy:
HTC Touch HD: “HTC’s latest stab at an iPhone-like, touch-based phone is mostly good fun, but the fact that it still hides Windows Mobile 6 behind the scenes means that you’re in for moments of frustration.”
And then there’s this distinctly… odd.. story at
Woman forced to pay cab fare with iPod: “Ex-owner unhappy, driver unhappy after iPod substituted for taxi fare. Although in the cabbie’s case it seems to be because it lacked headphones…”
*I was never really spritely, although there have been days when I’ve felt distinctly pixellated…

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