That boy's got a face for radio…

I’ve been told that I’m rather too fond of the sound of my own voice, and that’s probably fair enough. It’s just that normally my “voice” is on the page (be it printed, or web), notwithstanding my single appearance on BRAN.
As an early Christmas gift (I’m such a nice guy), those who are hanging out for my non-melodious voice can check out the Macworld Australia Podcast. Episode four is now available on iTunes, and within it you’ll find myself, Dan Warne and the world’s hairiest editor, Matthew Powell pontificating on all things Apple — from Macworld Expo to dodgy ISPs to the role of Ultraportables and whether or not it’s possible to play Sonic The Hedgehog on a rock.
So, head ye now to the iTunes store and search out “Macworld Australia Weekend Edition”. You know it makes sense.

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