Built like she was, she had the nerve to ask me if I planned to do her any harm…

No, there’s nothing to worry about in that lyric. Nothing at all…
I’m all over the place in both the print and online worlds right now — and I’m even working on Christmas Eve. Bah, and humbug, and all that jazz…
Firstly, online. CNET.com.au has not one, but two of my reviews live today, just in time for the Christmas rush:
Sony VAIO VGN-NR17G: “Then again, Sony’s been rather specialising in stylish notebooks purely for the sake of style lately, and the NR17G certainly isn’t an ugly creature…”
Netcomm NP200AV Homeplug: “Netcomm’s chunky purple NP200AV Homeplugs offer those stricken with wireless data woes a way out — at a price…”
Now, while you can surf those in the comfort of your own home — remember, Alex’s reviews make ideal Christmas family time entertainment (anything’s better than the Queen’s Christmas message) — you’ll have to duck out to a Newsagency right now if you want some well-wrapped Alex wordage under your Christmas tree.
First up, Australian Macworld. This month’s opinion column is all about the perils of early adopters of operating systems. No prizes for guessing which operating system gains my ire here…
Next up, Australian Netguide. Aside from my usual run of reviews — which I’ll add in later for the pedantic types, but which for the sake of brevity I’ll just say are there for now — there’s also a comparative review of portable storage options. You can never have too much portable storage. Trust me on that one.
And finally, Home Entertainment Magazine. 2007 being 2007, I couldn’t escape the year without a GPS writeup of some sort, and this one’s a doozy; a collation of reviews alongside everything you ever wanted to know about GPS — and possibly things you didn’t. For the record, I didn’t write the bit about Lindsay Lohan, and don’t wish to hear from her lawyers…
All three of these fine — nay, indispensable — publications are on sale now.
And that, I think, will wrap up my writing adventures for 2007. Now, back to moving my office (without moving offices). Confused? How do you think I feel?






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