Somebody get me out of here… I'm tearing at myself

Ah, such a happy lyric. Not entirely indicative of my mood at the moment, which is all busy, busy, busy and busy.
It wouldn’t be a blog update without me droning on endlessly about my latest piece of work, which today comes courtesy of the fine folk at
Macbook Pro 13″ : “If you’ve been holding off on upgrading an older Macbook, this is an excellent upgrade choice. If last year’s slightly underwhelming Unibody models didn’t impress you, these will. First time Mac buyers will find a lot of value here too.”
Those who aren’t here for the endless self pitching.. hmm.. what can I offer you?
Ah. Yes. The Australian Cavy Sanctuary. Full of more adorable Guinea Pig action than your widdle hearts can bear. Guinea Pigs are almost as cute as Hippos.. but nowhere near as dangerous.

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