Estuans interius, ira vehementi…. Sephiroth!

OK, that’s probably the oddest subject line that my self-enforced policy of only using the music I’m listening to at the time has led me to. And yes, I did have to look up the lyrics to make sure they were correct.
Keeping on the subject of oddities: When I was much, much younger, I made the mistake of losing my library card somewhere. It was found and a very nice gentleman posted it back to me with an accompanying letter. Which was all well and good, except that he then tried (within the attached letter) to chat me up. Which was disturbing on two counts:

  • I’m not female, although he presumed I was
  • I was about ten years old at the time.

There’s only been brief periods where I’ve had to so forcefully assert my masculinity thereafter, but it’s a theme that plays strongly in today’s published work, which is at and concerns, of all things, watches:
Sony Ericsson MBW-200 Bluetooth watch: “There’s no doubting that the MBW-200 is designed as a ladies’ watch, and the technical reviewer for this watch wasn’t, in any appreciable sense of the word, a lady. No, not even in the Little Britain sense…”

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