So rough, but we're gonna make it…

A rare bit of Hall & Oates inspired subject line malarkey, just for a change.
The fine folks (and folkettes, and beavers) at have two reviews and a feature of mine up for your delectation.
Logitech Alto:Logitech’s Alto offers an easy way to add a full-sized keyboard to your laptop while bringing the screen up to a more comfortable and ergonomic position…”
Netgear RangeMax Next Wireless Router WNR834B: “Netgear’s RangeMax Next Wireless Router edges ever closer to the promise of 802.11n, but it still doesn’t quite live up to the hype…”
Draft N wireless routers: get ready for 802.11n: “Home networking has always been confusing for most people. Draft N (of the upcoming 802.11n standard) is the latest in wireless home networking, and while 802.11n is not finally ratified, it does promise better speed, throughput, range and dependability. Is it worth its current premium price?”

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