You'd better wake up and release it… has five — count ’em, five — of my reviews live today for your reading/research pleasure.
I’m just nervously waiting for the Apple aficionados to descend on me en masse for having the temerity to say that there’s something out there in the ultraportable space better than the Shuffle. Awaiting immolation in 5, 4, 3, 2, IT BURNS! IT BURNS!!!!
Apple iPod Shuffle: “There’s an easy way to describe Apple’s second crack at a tiny portable music player – it’s really tiny…”
iRiver S10: “iRiver’s S10 might superficially resemble the iPod Shuffle, but superficiality is where the comparison ends; in almost every single respect the S10 is a more capable player than the Shuffle…”
Apple iPod 80GB: “It’s a bit disappointing that Apple still hasn’t worked out how to cram a radio or voice recorder directly into the iPod’s not exactly sleek body, but the iPod 80GB is still an excellent music and video player…”

Samsung YP-T9B: “Samsung’s YP-T9B strongly resembles a mobile phone in design terms, and offers a similar sleek and enjoyable audio and viewing experience, especially through a pair of Bluetooth headphones, although you do pay a premium price for the experience…”
Toshiba Gigabeat S60: “If you’re an aficionado of Microsoft’s Media Center PC concept – either in the older Windows XP or new Vista variants – then the Gigabeat S is undeniably the portable media player for you…”

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