So, Newton invented punting…

Ack, but I’m unwell. Not one, not two, but at least three infections are currently wending their way through my slender form right now. I’d like to say that I’m not built to be sick, but it seems to happen so often, perhaps it’s by design?
Anyway, that hasn’t stopped the workflow. In the first place, we have the Weekend Edition Podcast for Australian Macworld:
Episode 18 — Return of the Clones: “MJCP talks to Dan Warne, Danny Gorog and Alex Kidman about the Psystar “Open Computer” and Adobe Media Player and what makes the ideal Mac media centre. Also the future of Australian broadband comes up, and the pressing question of how to get kangaroo urine out of a notebook computer keyboard. Yep, this is a purely Australian podcast.”
That one at least was recorded on Wednesday night, before the dreaded lurgy hit me with a vengeance. The next bit of work? My stupid work ethic dictated that I accept it while running a high temperature. Possibly explains how I got one of the movie names wrong. Stupid Work Ethic. Anyway, it’s online for PC Authority:
The 2008 “Geek” Movie Guide: “It seems Hollywood has fallen in love with the geek – there’s a virtual tsunami of geek-friendly flicks set to shine on the silver screen in 2008. Here’s a quick primer to eight films with a definite geek twist…”
One of these days, I’ll wise up, and stop working long enough to let my body catch up. It just doesn’t look like that’ll be today.

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