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Curse this random songs as subject lines policy!
Australian Netguide. I am not the centrefold. Yet.
Anyway, I’m somewhat surprised to be posting again, as I’d mentally picked yesterday and today as days when I’d be doing not much, what with the need to once again watch the younglings. Of course, that doesn’t stop the presses on work I’ve already completed, such as (Zing! Smooooooth segue. Bet nobody noticed.) the May issue of Australian Netguide.
Within its wonderfully orange pages, you’ll find my roundup of LCD monitors, the Broadband Guide and standalone reviews of the Sony Alpha A200, Billion BiPAC P102 HomePlug, Macbook Air, Palm Treo 500, HTC Dual Touch 850, Corsair 32GB Flash Drive, Norton 360 V2, Cyberlink DVD Suite 6 Ultra, Serif PhotoPlus X2, N+, Imperium Romanum, Beautiful Katamari and Devil May Cry 4.
It’s on sale now.Don’t make me send out the army of Siamese Fighting Ants to get you…

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