So he packed up his accordion and had to move to a city in Ohio where he lived in a tree…

Insert Godzilla Screech hereIt seems I just can’t stop writing. I wonder if there’s a complex psychological term that explains it all?
In any case, the May 2008 issue of Australian Macworld just landed in my mailbox, which is usually a very good sign that it’s on sale in Newsagency-type venues across the land. This months’ column is on the whole “Mac Elitist” argument that’s been something of a feature of my writing over the past couple of weeks — the PC vs Apple piece for PCA/CRN being a particular highlight. More than that, though, the May issue has Godzilla on the cover. Well, his foot anyway. You can’t NOT buy something with Godzilla’s foot on the cover. That’d be just plain wrong. Although now that I look at it, it could always be Mozilla, which wouldn’t make much sense, given that he’s emerging from an iPhone. And it looks like he needs a serious manicure, otherwise he’s going to get snagged on a passing taxicab long before he can indulge in any quality city destroying type activity. Like I said, I just can’t stop writing, or thinking too much about magazine covers for that matter…






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