Baby I don't mind, but please don't wear those shoes…

Strange the things that pop up. A while back, I wrote a short piece on the Westboro Baptists which was in part based around Louis Theroux’s documentary on them, “The Most Hated Family In America“.
It turns out that Channel Seven’s got the local rights to this, and predictably, for a commercial channel, they’re burying it in the middle of the night — in Sydney at least, it’s on next Monday at 10:40pm.
Because, you know, there are probably perfectly good episodes of “Gladiators” or some other trash that just can’t wait earlier in the evening, or something.
Anyway, “The Most Hated Family In America” is well worth watching or (ahem) “time shifting” for later watching if the subject matter interests you. Just don’t tell the Westboro Baptists I sent you, otherwise they might issue an edict against me. Given their lack of imagination (or insight, compassion, or even basic Christian understanding), probably entititled “God hates Alex Kidman“.
Although frankly, that’s an argument I could take to them with some gusto, because he doesn’t. Bring it on!

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