Smartphone Accessories, Shiny White Laptops & Yet More Broadband Plans

How many smartphone accessories do you really need? Is Apple the only company that can make a good white laptop? And why should you pay more for Broadband based on where you live?
At PC & Tech Authority, Internode’s announcement of new plans had a nasty sting in the tail for customers on Telstra DSLAMs:
Internode’s new plans: Discounts for Reach service depend on where you live: “If you’re in the latter 30% or so, you’re just stuck paying more, and Internode’s not exactly being subtle about why…”
Over at Hydrapinion, my weekly Carry column looks at Smartphone accessories. I suspect I’ve reviewed more Smartphone accessories than anyone else in the country, although I’m not entirely sure whether that’s a good or bad thing…
Must Have Smartphone Accessories? “What’s the one thing you’ll see more of than actual phones in a phone store these days?”
Finally, at CNET Australia, I’ve put yet another laptop through its shiny white paces:
Toshiba Satellite L730: “If you want fancy things, you normally pay extra…”

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