Lion Roaring & Salsa Dancing

I delve into the local implications of Apple’s Lion OS strategy, and dance merrily with a phone that turns out to not be quite such as good a deal as it might first seem.
Over at ABC Technology+Games, I’ve penned a column on Apple’s next operating system — the one that, at the time of writing, is due “any day now”, or at least “in July”.
Will Apple’s Lion roar? “Lion represents new ground for Apple, as it’s not offering the operating system on any form of removable media at all. No CDs, DVDs, Flash Drives or even long playing record versions of Lion.”
Meanwhile, at CNET Australia, I’ve tested the HTC Salsa — partner to the ChaCha phone I ran a 30 Seconds Of Tech Video on here — through its paces:
HTC Salsa: “Between the ChaCha and Salsa, the latter is superior but it doesn’t mean it’s the best Android smartphone you can buy at this price.”

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