Slick printers and sleek notebooks

Another day, another raft of Apple announcements. Of course I was going to write something on them, although it’s a little different from my usual all-in-grab-bag analysis of everything announced. Instead, I’ve posed a question over at PC Authority:
If you had $1000 to spend on an Apple product, which one should you buy? “We’ve broken down each Apple model by their good and bad points, including the Air, Macbook, Mac Mini, iPad and iPhone.”
Meanwhile, over at, a review of one of the best looking printers I’ve ever seen. Bearing in mind how functionally ugly most printers are, that’s quite an¬†achievement.
HP Envy 100: “Other printers should be envious of the Envy 100’s good printing looks, but they might smirk at its ordinary print speeds.”
And before it slips past me, yesterday also saw my Hydrapinion Carry column take a long hard look at Nokia’s camera-centric smartphone strategy:
Just Shoot Me? “Attending the launch of Nokia’s latest smartphone the N8, yesterday, I was battered over the head with the same repeated message…”

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