Mobile Apps, Mobile Broadband And A Distinctly Non-Mobile Laptop

An unusual mix of articles today… well, OK, one of them was actually published late last week, and I omitted it then because it skipped my attention. Frankly, a laptop that big and glowing should never skip anyone’s attention. From comes the monster… in 3D!
Toshiba Satellite A660/07R “Toshiba’s 3D-capable laptop works exceptionally well as a desktop replacement, especially for gamers.”
Then at Geekspeak, ponderings on the pricing and speeds of mobile broadband
Could you survive on mobile broadband? “You couldn’t even fill the old axiom about having two out of good, fast and cheap with mobile broadband. All too frequently, it was poor, slow and expensive, and you just had to live with that, because it was theoretically mobile.”
Then finally at MacTheMag, musing on the pricing of mobile applications
The value of an App: “Last week, I had a meeting with my accountant. Perhaps you’re different, but I don’t particularly enjoy meeting my accountant. Not that he isn’t a nice man, or anything like that. For all I know, he spends his spare time helping old ladies cross the road and rescuing lost kittens from trees.”

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