Security, losing phones and finding Apple stores

A trio of commentary articles to keep you busy/amused/informed (delete where applicable).
Firstly, a somewhat delayed in publication column, written while I was in the UK on the relationship between Apple and McDonald’s:
MacTheBlog: How The Apple Stores Make Money: “Now, just up the road is something that’s not that unusual. A McDonald’s.”
Then at Hydrapinion, a nearly lost phone sees me musing on how easy it is to (nearly) lose portable gadgetry:
Anything you can carry is something you can lose: “As technology gets smaller and more portable, it brings all new risks with it.”
Sticking with the security theme, the issue of phishing gets an airing at Geekspeak, by way of Baking Powder:
The weak link in your security might just be you: “BEWARE! A band of confidence operators, with a spurious baking powder scheme,are roaming the vicinity, to prey upon our housewives.”

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