People up and down the street, crushing weasels beneath their feet…

That’s a Weird Al lyric, by the way, in case anyone started to instinctively call the RSPCA on me. Most of my post titles happen to come from whatever I’m listening while I write them. Sometimes it works well… and sometimes not. I’ll let you decide in this case.
The fine folks at have a new review of mine live today:
 Samsung D900 (Ultra Edition 12.9): “Samsung’s D900 proves that’s it’s entirely possible to take an existing phone design and put it on a serious slimming diet…”






2 responses to “People up and down the street, crushing weasels beneath their feet…”

  1. Annalisa Avatar

    Does that mean that when you were writing the previous post you were listening to Debbie (sorry, Deborah) Gibson?

  2. Alex Avatar

    You catch on fast. Amazing what a bit of random play, and a large library of tragic 80’s tunes can do for one’s subject lines.

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