Paddling along…

That’s paddling in the sense that it’s very wet right now, but also because, once again, I’m writing about a certain fruit company.
First of all, there’s a blog I wrote for MacTheBlog last week that I completely failed to notice had already gone up. A tale of truckers, edges and app store approval processes:
What does it take to get an App approved? “The modern gold rush, it seems, is in App development. Everyone’s jumping on the App Store bandwagon, and it seems I can’t go a week without one company or another launching a new app store for a given device.”
Sticking with MacTheBlog, there’s the reason why I got up at 4:30am last Friday morning, namely an Apple store opening. No, I’m not that insane just for the fun of it. When I’m getting paid, though, things change, as you’ll discover in this videoblog:
A long day’s journey into Bondi (Junction): “Our own Alex Kidman braved the cold, dark, wee small hours of the morning to get to the Store, watch the opening, and of course buy an iPad. His journey is chronicled in this video.”

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