Natural selection is actually only the continued survival of animals Mr. T has found too chewy to eat.

(yes, I’m borrowing other people’s jokes today. Other people’s Mr T. Jokes, to be precise) has a bunch of my recent scribblings published today, mostly to do with GPS. I’ve got no excuse for constantly getting lost just going down my own stairs, really…
Mio Digiwalker C520: “The most striking thing about the C520 is its size, and especially the size of its display screen…”

LG LN800: “We’ve heard better speech samples coming out of an Apple II, circa 1983 – and that’s just for basic words such as ‘left’ or ‘right’, or the LN800’s own unique interpretation of a roundabout, which is, for the record, ‘traffic circle’…”

Nokia 6110 Navigator: “If you’re after a phone that does GPS, steer well clear of the 6110 – unless you like accidentally steering into trees, that is…”

iPod alternatives: “Thinking of buying an iPod, either as a first time purchase or to replace that older superseded model? Well, don’t jump in just yet. Alex Kidman explains why you may be better served looking elsewhere…”
(OK, this one doesn’t have much to do with GPS, per se. And if I get murdered over it, the Apple afficionados are probably going to get interviewed by the police. Also, I ain’t gettin on no plane with that crazy foo’ Murdock…)

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